Friday, August 02, 2002
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    Links to Related Sites

- Thanks to Rymke for creating this forum for all of us to use
p2p related sites:
- Diet Kaza is freeware. It is a very cool new program that makes KaZaA/Grokster ALOT better. Check out the basic features:
  • Removes all BANNERs, POP UP ads, and Spyware!
  • Built in Advanced Download Accelerator!
  • Makes searchs faster, and more results!
  • Removes the extra buttons (Bonzi, Shopping, etc)
  • Adds QUICK search shortcuts to the systray!
  • Changes the KaZaA Start homepage
  • Also works with Grokster and Morpheus v1.90+!
  • Translated into 8 different languages so far!
- A nice site for information related to Morpheus, other peer to peer programs, and startfiles
- indiana_jones's(IndianaJonesAIBB) website about startfiles
DivX related sites:
- A few nice sites where you can learn more about divx and related items
Video editing sites:
- Learn how to cut, join, encode, and of course how to make VCDs
Movie reviews:
- Reviews and huge collection of movie trailers
- Great site for reviews and info about your favorite movies
- Allows users to rate movies and read professional critics
- Reviews and trailers
- Movie Reviews and search
- Learn more about future movies
Free & paid movie sites:
- Decent amount of older stuff -> free & paid service
- Great site for free streaming videos from independent artists
- Pay only service but they have more recent stuff like what you will find at rental stores
- Has a pretty decent selection of older classic tv shows and movies -> free & paid service
- Decent amount of older movies to choose from -> free & paid service
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