Friday, August 02, 2002
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    Help / FAQ

- Are the files posted the only versions available?
- Can I download movies from this site?
- What does fps stand for?
- How do I check the fps for my movies?
- How can I tell the quality of the videos?
- What is RAM?
- Why won't my videos play?
- What do the stars stand for?
- What do the letters stand for?
- What are startfiles?
- What is this sig2dat program?
- So what is the benefit of startfiles and the sig2dat program?
- How did I install the program?
- How do I make quicklinks & hashes?
- How do I make startfiles from quicklinks and hashes? / How do I use quicklinks?
- So why don't you have sig2dat quicklinks for every movie?

Q: Are the files posted the only versions available?
A:       No. Videos are distributed by several people, so there might be two or even three valid versions of the same movie. Basically, on our site we put up the first working copy we can find and then move on to the next movie. If a better copy shows up and if we have time to check on it then we replace the current one with it.

      When available we try to have two versions: a low quality one for users who way to see the movie quick or 56k users and another version for those who care about quality. When a movie first comes out in theatres it is always low quality. The high quality movies usually are available when there is a DVD version. Although, we mainly focus on newer movies so our selection of high quality will always be small.

      Please understand that we wouldn't have time to verify other movies if we also spent our time finding all the versions out there. Also, all of us here volunteer our time and most likely will stop if we had to work that hard. The forum is a better place to report other versions of a movie.

Q: Can I download movies from this site?
A:       Nope. There isn't enough space on this server for even one movie. We only provide the correct file sizes.

Q: What does fps stand for?
A: Fps stands for frames per second or also known as frames/sec.

Q: How do I check the fps for my movies?
A:       Unfortunately, you can't check the fps before you download a movie. The only way you can tell is if someone is nice enough to put the fps in the description area. But once it is downloaded, you can check by opening your My Shared Folder and right-click the video want to check. Click on properties and then select the details tab and you'll see the fps.

Q: How can I tell the quality of the videos?
A:       You can easily tell the quality of the movies by our star rating systems. If there aren't any stars for the movie then you can also tell by the file sizes. The low quality movies are usually in several parts and are usually under 400mb total. Good quality movies are usually around 600mb total and usually come in one part. Good quality versions usually don't come out unless there is a DVD for it.

Q: What is RAM?
A:       RAM stands for Random Access Memory. It's basically like your hard drive but a lot faster. But unlike your hard drive data is only temporarily stored and it holds a lot less. The best explaintion I've heard is when someone compared it to a desk and file cabinet. The desk would represent your RAM because everything on your desk is something you would want quick access to when you are working. The file cabinet would represent your hard drive, because you put things away in a file cabinet for storage but you don't need them right away.
      So tell me, wouldn't it be a pain to always have to run to the file cabinet when you needed something? It's so much quicker and easier if it was already there on your desk. That's basically what RAM does. When you open a program, the files and data that you would use often are stored in RAM. The problem comes when your computer doesn't delete some of it after the program is closed. This leaves less RAM for you to use later. Some programs are better then others about giving back your used RAM.

Q: Why won't my videos play?
A:       If you are a newbie to Grokster/Kazaa or to downloading videos then it is most likely that you haven't install a video codec. The most common one used is the Divx codec. You can download and learn more about them at or Also, I've been told that you need to have Windows Media Player version 6.4 or higher. Download it at
      If installing the divx codec doesn't work then the video could need an MP43 codec (smr codec) which you can get at Divx Movies. Some movies labeled SMR need this. The easiest way to find out what codec is used is by to going to "My Media"-> find the video you want-> and scroll right until you see the codec. If your movies still don't work then they could be encoded incorrectly or it's fake. The only thing you can do is find a working copy. That's what this website is for.

Q: What do the stars stand for?
A:       The stars represent our rating system on the visual quality of the movies. Please note that not all movies will have stars. It depends on if we have time to view the movies. The stars go as follows:

= Excellent
= Good
= Average
= Below Average
= Poor

Q: What do the letters stand for?
A:       Please note that not all movies will have these letters because we do not have time to watch all of our movies completely. Also we may miss some problems, because sometimes we only fastforward through the movies to see if they are correct.

More letters may be added in the future: (somethings mentioned here may or may not last throughout the whole movie)

c     = means movie is complete or only one file
1,2,3 = numbers how many parts there are to a movie

= Click this icon to read what the reviewers had to say about the files A = audio/video sync problems Ap = other audio problems like annoying sound in background, can't make out words, etc C = color problems Co = special codec required (try downloading the Nimo Codec Pack) D = video is noticeably darker then usual and in some cases requires user to adjust brightness to enjoy E = ending is correct (maybe missing a few seconds) F = a better performing computer or graphics card maybe needed in order to play movie correctly if you don't then users may notice some frame drops & audio sync problems G = several glitches were noticed in the movie Gf = a few glicthes were noticed J = some users may notice jerkiness I = index may be corrupt so user needs to rebuild it with DivFix M = mpeg P = seems to be missing some parts of the movie S = foreign movie with english subtitles Ss = movie was made for foreign viewers so some writings are in another language but actors talk in english

You should start reading here to get a better understanding of sig2dat
but if you just want to learn how to quickly install and use sig2dat then go here:
Quick Start

Q: What are startfiles?
A:       Startfiles were first thought up by the people at MuSeekster and then further improved upon by IndianaJonesAIBB when he created his sig2dat program. So what are startfiles you ask? If you have ever opened your "my shared" folder and noticed that there were some files named something like download1012349875234.dat (you will only see the .dat if you have the view extension option in windows) then you are pretty much looking at a startfile.

      Those Dat files are your unfinished files from Grokster/KaZaa. The people at MuSeekster realized that all the information needed to download and complete your file was contained in those dat files. What was more important was that all this information was written to the dat file at the beginning, so this meant that startfiles can be very small making it a lot easier to share with friends and quickly created with programs like sig2dat. These small dat files were the only things needed in order to start downloading, hence the name startfile.

Q: What is this sig2dat program?
A:       The sig2dat program was created by IndianaJonesAIBB as stated above. Also, as stated above it creates startfiles, but the true benefit of indy's program is that it gives a unique singature hash (like a fingerprint) that no other file has. This way all you have to do is report the hash information on forums and other users can create startfiles.

      Users don't even have to do a search. When you open Grokster/KaZaa the startfile will automatically show up in their traffic section. They should also automatically start searching and downloading but sometimes you might have to help them along by clicking on "find more sources".

      A new feature that was adding to the sig2dat program was something called quicklinks. This allowed users to create links like the ones you see on webpages and some forums. Once a quicklink was created users only had to click on it to automatically create a startfile. Before this feature users had to manually copy and paste the hash information into sig2dat.

Q: So what is the benefit of startfiles and the sig2dat program?
A:       The biggest benefit of startfiles is that users don't have to do a search for the files they want or even know the file sizes. All that information is contained in the startfiles themselves. The only thing you have to do is start up Grokster/Kazaa and go to your traffic window. You will notice that the file you want will try to start downloading all by itself. You can help it along by selecting "find more sources" usually it will find someone to download from all by itself.

      Just remember that if there aren't that many people sharing a file then it will still take a long time to start downloading. Startfiles basically gets rid of the need to do a search and then match up the correct file sizes like you do on this site. All you have to do is just open start Grokster/Kazaa and you'll automatically start downloading the file. Just make sure you get a startfile from a reliable source, because just like someone telling you the wrong file size someone can give you the wrong startfile.

      Another benefit of startfiles is that you since they are small files you can share hundreds of files in just one floppy disk. This way you can give your friends all you correct files. An even more compact way to share startfiles with your friends is to only give the UUHash signature information. You can copy and paste thousands of them in just one text file. If you don't know what the UUHash thing looks like the example below. I'm sure you have seen some other users posting this information on the forum.

File: Ferris Bueller's Day Off.avi
Length: 738506752 Bytes, 721198KB
UUHash: =yB7fqAPcR3hVour10wGzGPWtrbQ=

Q: How did I install the program?
A:       First off, download the lastest version 3.10.a from indy's site: VLAIBB. If you want to use the quicklink function the you have do a few steps to "install" the program. If you don't then you just need to click on the sig2dat icon and do some copy and pasting of hash signatures. Although, the quicklink function is very useful.

      Anyhow, start by unzipping the program. It's easier if you unzip the program to your program files folder (for example c:\program files\sig2dat), but you can always move it if you don't. If you are doing the second option then select the folder and press ctrl x to cut the folder.

      Now go to your program files folder and paste it there by pressing ctrl v. Once you have it pasted, all you have to do now is rename the folder to sig2dat if it isn't already. Now open the folder. You will see 3 items: readme.txt, sig2dat.exe, and url-sig2dat.reg. Double click the url-sig2dat icon. That's it you now have it fully installed.

Q: How do I make quicklinks & hashes?
A:       Making quicklinks & hashes: Open the program by double clicking the sig2dat.exe icon. Click on "signature calculation" in the menu bar. Now click on "select files for calcultion" and choose the file you want. After that select it in the window. Now you have 3 options:

      1st option - If you only want to make the hash information then just click on the "copy the selection to clipboard" and then press ctrl v where you want to paste information. An example is below:

File: (smr)blade2-ts-(1of2).avi
Length: 206441472 Bytes, 201603KB
UUHash: =iDTwSiS9VmcrX41U85KPBqK0KlU=

      2nd option - If you want to make a quicklink for a website or our forum then check the box next to " quicklink HTML style". Now click the "copy the selection to clipboard" then press ctrl v where you want to paste it. The quicklink would look like below. I replaced with { } so that it won't make a quicklink here. This method only works if you paste it to a website or a forum that allows html.

{a href="sig2dat://|File: (smr)blade2-ts-(1of2).avi|Length: 206441472 Bytes, 201603KB|UUHash: =iDTwSiS9VmcrX41U85KPBqK0KlU=|"} (smr)blade2-ts-(1of2).avi{/a}

      3rd option - Some forums don't allow html codes so you have to use the 3rd option. Basically, you do the same as above. Just make sure to check only the second quicklink option not both. You'll get something like this below. This version can't be used on ezboard forums but I believe it works on other forums.

[URL="sig2dat://|File: (smr)blade2-ts-(1of2).avi|Length: 206441472 Bytes, 201603KB|UUHash: =iDTwSiS9VmcrX41U85KPBqK0KlU=|"] (smr)blade2-ts-(1of2).avi[/URL]

      You don't have to understand what all this mean just paste them where you want and you'll create a quicklink.

Q: How do I make startfiles from quicklinks and hashes? / How do I use quicklinks?
A:       First off make sure Grokster or Kazaa isn't opened even in the lower right corner. If it's open in the lower right corner then just right-click the icon and select close.

      If you have done the full installation for quicklinks above then all you have to do is click on the quicklink that someone has posted(it seems that quicklinks work best using Internet Explorer). On our website the quicklinks are the icons(click on them to make your startfiles). The quicklink works and look just like any regular website link, but instead of taking you to a website or page it creates a startfile in you shared folder.

      Also you should only get quicklinks from a trusted source because just like fake file sizes someone can also give you a fake quicklink or hash signature. And like everything else you download off of Grokster/Kazaa you should scan it with an updated anti-virus program.

      If you didn't do the quicklink installation then you have to do some copying and pasting. Whenever you see the hash signature like the one below, all you have to do is select all of it and then press ctrl c to copy. You can even do it now with the example below.

File: (smr)blade2-ts-(1of2).avi
Length: 206441472 Bytes, 201603KB
UUHash: =iDTwSiS9VmcrX41U85KPBqK0KlU=

      Now open the sig2dat program and click on "paste from clipboard" and that's it! Start up Grokster or Kazaa and it should be in your traffic window. You can also manually type or paste the information into the program by clicking on "enter with keyboard" but it's longer that way.

      Please Note: Quicklinks and the sig2dat program only gets rid of the need to do a search and then match up the correct file sizes like you do on this site. It does not make the files download faster and sometimes it may keep telling you that more sources are needed....meaning not enough people are sharing the file. This almost always happens with new movies with or without sig2dat. Try quicklinks from older movies with lots of sources and you'll see that it connects pretty quickly.

Q: So why don't you have sig2dat quicklinks for every movie?
A:       Most of our movies were verified before quicklinks were adding to the site. We can't create quicklinks without having the file or the hash information. Most of us have deleted our older movies so we can't.
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