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Old Movies - Posted: 6/30/2002
Thanks to stoepsel, we have added some older movies that were missing from the site these include: Space Cowboys, Stigmata, 10 Things I Hate About You (German Dub), The Majestic, The Mexican, Spy Game, Scorpion King, and The Mothman Prophecies. We also added a lot of sig2dat links for the older movies on the site.
Leech Test - Posted: 6/27/2002
Due to the high number of people receiving the could not detect status message from the leech test; we have changed the test to allow access to the new movies until this problem is reslolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.
New Site - Posted: 6/26/2002
We are still working on getting new graphics. We are also starting to add new movies. New movies are listed on the home page and also under the NEW link. The new leech test is being used for new movies, it will detect if you are sharing or not (unless blocked by a firewall). The new movies will remain there for 7 days and then move onto the regular pages for everybody to see. We'll post updates as we change/add things.
Enough - Posted: 6/4/2002
It seems that the second half of Enough had audio sync problems. We were lucky enough to find anther version of part 2. This version seems to be out of sync by a split second but definitely good enough considering it's free. Anyhow, this version may not have that many sources as of yet.
Re: Insomnia - Posted: 6/2/2002
Well, after getting the other version of this movie it looks like the first one has better resolution but this version is wide screen. Anyhow, the first one is more wide spread so I'll just post that one. This version all just put on the forum under the same thread mentioned below.
sig2dat 3.10a - Posted: 6/2/2002
   A new version of sig2dat is out. This version now supports using quicklinks in the Opera browser and not just Internet Explorer. I don't use Netscape so for anyone who does please tell us if it works or not on the forum. If you don't use other browsers then you don't have to upgrade to this one.
New verifiers - Posted: 6/1/2002
Well, so far it looks like we have 3 new verifiers for sure. Please show a warm welcome for christohe1, VieRus8u, eilat, and tyro.
Insomnia - Posted: 6/1/2002
There is a version of Insonmia available if you go to the forum. It's in the movies section under the thread "REQ: Insomnia". I've been told there is a better version so I'm currently waiting for that. If you can't wait to see this movie then I suggest you try the one from the forum.
The Sum of All Fears - Posted: 5/28/2002
There is also apparently an SMR version going around. It's been posted on the forum but this version has more sources. Not a lot of sources but more souces so you decide...
Help Wanted search is over...well for now - Posted: 5/26/2002
It looks like I may have enough new volunteers for now. Well, as much as I think I can handle anyhow :-). Thanks for the help folks! I'll be annoucing the new team members later on when everything is settled.
Small changes - Posted: 5/26/2002
Movies are now organized by the first letter rather then the first significant word. I also changed the file size info so that it's easier to read.
Help Wanted… - Posted: 5/24/2002
The introduction of the sig2dat program was good and bad. It was good that it made it more convenient for you guys so you don't have to do any searches. It also got you guys a better guarantee of getting the right files. The only problem is that it has slowed our verification process because we have to actually download the whole movie in order to make quicklinks rather then just be given the file sizes.

     What we are looking for are users with fast internet connections (preferably 60 or more down and 20 or more up) who mainly only download movies. You also have to be willing to find and verify movies on your own like what our current verifiers do. We could really use your help to keep this website going.

     I know that some of you guys have asked to join before but I had to say no only because the old website layout took forever to update and I wasn't able to handle all the movies being reported. With this new layout things seem to be going quicker so I'm hoping I'll be able to handle more movies.

Alternatives to file sharing - Posted: 5/22/2002
Ok maybe not an alternative but more like an addition to p2p programs. I have found some sites that do streaming movies. Some of them have better streams and quality then others but they all need broadband to enjoy them.

     Most of their stuff are really old but if you that's what you like then you can watch quit a bit of them for free streamed to your computer. The more recent stuff you need to pay for but some of the sites have pay per view service. One site called the intertainer has more recent stuff but it's a pay only site.

     All these sites use streaming media so there is basically no waiting or trying to find more sources to download from. If these sites gain in popularity then they may provide better service and a larger selection. Anyhow, they are worth checking out or keeping an eye on because they might have what you are looking for. Go to our links pages and look under the section "free & paid movie sites" to find them.

Watch out for the Benjamin worm virus - Posted: 5/21/2002
 This virus is making it's way quickly through the FastTrack network so be careful that you don't also get infected. The virus is unique in that it uses the FastTrack network to help it spread by creating many fake files so that others will download.

     It looks like you can only be infected if you open an executable file like an .exe, .vbs, etc. but always be careful about what you download and what you are opening. If you want to learn more about this virus you can go to or to the forums.

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